Domestic issues

And following on from the Dwarf Bread biscuits…

The oven exploded. Really. Soft boom and orange flames. We were heating it up before putting something in so we didn’t lose the food but… The oven exploded. I didn’t know they could even do that. Lit up the kitchen beautifully.

The rest still works. It appears to be the element, although I have my suspicions as to what else went with it.

So now sandwiches are featuring heavily in life and we’re learning just how much can be cooked in alternative ways. February is not the best time to be eating cold food, but needs must and all that.

It’s valentine’s day – the household can romantically grill pasta over a candle and boil soup in the kettle. No, perhaps not.

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One Response to Domestic issues

  1. Harma says:

    I heard “If you can’t stand the heat, use someone elses kitchen. Get a take-away. ” in a television show yesterday. Is the oven part of the complete cooking range?

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