Great snakes!

And the same weekend, we acquired some new arrivals.

Other households acquire children. We’ve heard that that is an expensive hobby, leading to stress and lack of sleep. So instead we went for something a little quieter.

Someone round here has a pet fur allergy. We also still have the rats so don’t want something that would attract them or be scared of them, e.g. a hamster and its food.

To an extent that limits the choices…

So after 16 months of discussion and waiting to have somewhere reasonable to put them, we have acquired a pair of corn snakes from a reputable home. Their previous owner needed them to go but wanted a home that would take their care seriously, so kindly waited. We have got ‘small’ ones which will grow up to… six foot… who are so brightly coloured that should they escape we’ll see them. They live up to 23 years. They are in a purpose built container. If they get out they’ll be found on a radiator or in the garden and will return within two weeks when they want feeding.

Feeding used to be the sticking point with reptiles, but the advice on this has changed. Gone are the days of ‘live food’. Now they have defrosted food, bought from petshops, bred specially. It’s no weirder than mincing a cow for cat. Live food is no longer done as both the snake and the food are raised in an entirely artificial environment so have no idea what the other is when they meet it, causing terror and injury to both. And caught food is never done for those reasons and the diseases carried by the prey.

Corn snakes come with the four magic words, “Non-venomous, non-constrictor.” Actually, that’s not strictly true, but I’m not a mouse so it’s not a problem.

In the meantime, they’re sociable and inquisitive souls, who don’t mind being handled and like supervised free-range exploring the environs of their new home.

If that doesn’t scare the rats off, nothing will…

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