It’s also interesting watching ‘old’ films after the event. Parts of it will be of its time, parts will be universal and it’s not possible to foresee which will be which.

Yesterday the household watched ‘The devil’s advocate’, released in 1997:

The World Trade Centre is pride of place, acting as mis-en-scene – the viewer is focusing on the smaller skyscraper in front of it, but it forms two wings around it, all-encompassing, overshadowing and enveloping it. Buildings around it complement it by getting larger and larger, with building works ongoing.

Al Pacino refers to developing an interlinked network between minds everywhere on the planet – he’s describing an internet, a world wide web, just before it happened, and now with mobile phones and a generation who have no ‘privacy’ setting, the full content of every mind can be read by every other, just as he describes.

The shiny penthouse apartment shown as belonging to the ambitious developer was so gold that I said, “That’s Trump tower” despite not having seen it. Looked it up – it was.

Sadly, there was a representation of mental health ‘treatment’ which at best could be described as outdated. Apparently, patients are admitted chained to stretchers, then it goes downhill from there. Not sure where to begin on that one!

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